My phone rings.  The person on the other end is upset.  It has nothing to do with me, so I don’t hang up.

And we talk.  Their issue may deal with a long term relationship that’s at a cross road, or a dream that fell apart.  A loved one passed, or they just lost their job.

I know I can be a dick sometimes.  Sometimes?  More than sometimes.  But when a friend is in need, I’m there.  I try to be, at least.

I try not to dole advice anymore.  It used to be why people came to me.  The last call I had taken like this was pretty sad.  My friend had just admitted to family about a failed venture of theirs.  I got the call because they needed to talk to someone, someone to ground their spirit.  I did offer a little bit of advice, but it’s nothing I can’t share with you.

Don’t learn from yesterday, understand it.  Don’t plan for the future, anticipate it.  Live in the now, you only have one chance at it.

And don’t forget the sunscreen.

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