Paper cuts

I’ve been catching up on my work hours this week while we’re on “break”.

I like the people I work with and the work doesn’t require any actual thinking, so it’s nice.

What I do not like are the paper cuts that I keep getting. My hands are so dry that by time I leave work after three hours I’m bleeding from the millions of paper cuts that I’ve managed to get from the folders that keep grabbing my dry skin. Ugh.

Lotion only helps for about an hour before they’re dry again. And lotion doesn’t exactly make dealing with letters and folders very easy, so I try not to use it very often.

Yesterday alone I managed to rack up four paper cuts within two hours – a new record for me. The worst part is having to stop whatever I’m doing and go grab a band-aid in order to prevent blood from ending up on any important documents. That’s only happened twice in the last year – once was bad enough that we had to break out the gauze.

I guess I can’t complain too much because it’s finally warm enough to keep the windows open at work and turn off the heat – YAY!

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