It’s time…



I love my son, so obviously I have no problems with finding a place for him in my life, and mine is his.

But I need… more.

I’ve recently added being a ring announcer to my resume. I am loving it and am looking forward to seeing him see me inside the ring.

But… who am I? After over five years of the Radio X show, I’m… well… I don’t know. I’ve thought on and off over the past year that maybe this was it. Then I changed my mind. And back again. It’s a see-saw battle that’s bringing conflict in my spirit. Radio has always been my therapy, but I’m not feeling what I used to anymore.

And it’s not because the X show isn’t “real” radio. Lately, I just haven’t felt like it was driving me anymore. It’s how I felt when I first got out of radio in 2000 (that lasted about a month). I’ve been feeling that empty, sad, unfulfilled misery again.

I’m not sure what this all means. I’m really loving my job, and I’m loving the idea that I am appreciated for something I do very well that has nothing to do with radio or entertainment.

I wonder….


If some random person says it’s Pi day, thank them. It comes from today’s date being 3.14 (which is π – at least the first few numbers).

If your girlfriend tells you it’s Pi day, remind them that it’s also a month after Valentine’s day, which is also Steak and Blowjob day.

If your girlfriend tells you it’s Steak and Pi day, don’t fall for it!