Personal Growth

My phone rings.  The person on the other end is upset.  It has nothing to do with me, so I don’t hang up.

And we talk.  Their issue may deal with a long term relationship that’s at a cross road, or a dream that fell apart.  A loved one passed, or they just lost their job.

I know I can be a dick sometimes.  Sometimes?  More than sometimes.  But when a friend is in need, I’m there.  I try to be, at least.

I try not to dole advice anymore.  It used to be why people came to me.  The last call I had taken like this was pretty sad.  My friend had just admitted to family about a failed venture of theirs.  I got the call because they needed to talk to someone, someone to ground their spirit.  I did offer a little bit of advice, but it’s nothing I can’t share with you.

Don’t learn from yesterday, understand it.  Don’t plan for the future, anticipate it.  Live in the now, you only have one chance at it.

And don’t forget the sunscreen.


SOPA? We laugh in your general direction!

So it looks like SOPA, the censorship bill that would have crippled the Internet, is dead.

Except, it was not a censorship bill.

And it probably would not have crippled the internet.

Sure, it would have affected you if your name was, oh, Perez Hilton.  Imagine how that would have worked?  He would never have been able to download, edit, and repost any picture of any model, actress, or celebrity.

Let’s say you are a music reviewer.  You go out and you buy a CD from your local store and share your thoughts with your readers each week.  Should a record company feel froggy, you could have your site shut down.  Wait, what?  Why are they censoring me?

They’re not.  They’re protecting their copyright and branding.

How far could this go?  Would I be able to go to another site and tell them that the webmaster is using my name against my wishes or posting a picture without my permission, and as such shut them down?

Regardless, some of the Internet’s biggest websites went black or posted information on how Americans can contact their local government representatives to have them shut this bill down.

So the legal tool the US Government was going to use to go after overseas pirates of illegal movie downloads is gone.  What are we to do?

Listen, I’m no legal beagle but I can tell you this.  The US Government doesn’t have legal clout for a crime that occurs in New Zealand.  But if SOPA passed, and let’s say there there was a website like MegaUpload with hosting and such in New Zealand, SOPA could easily shut that site down and arrest the site owners.

Now, without SOPA, that can never happen.



Sadness:  I have none.  I know, right?

In what is on the same level as the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, Herman Cain tossing his hat back in the Republican primaries, and Paris Hilton becoming relevant without spreading her legs, the impossible has happened.

John F’n Ale has actually had a decent winter.

I won’t lie to you, it hasn’t been easy, but I’ve made some personal sacrifices.

I’m the first to tell you I’m an emotional wreck, but one of the first things I cut out are the negative people.  I have enough time managing my own mental state, thanks.

I cut out people that thought they were more important than my son.  It’s a surprise, I know, but some people actually got upset because they needed to talk and I told them I had my son.  One person told me to go fuck myself.  Yeah… peace!

Remember me?  Oh, you didn’t, did you?  That’s okay.  You’re gone, too.  I have so many other things to do than to wait for someone’s promised call that will never happen.

Without them bringing me down, I was able to focus on other things.  I’m pretty sure I’ve written about how I’m working as a ring announcer for a local wrestling company.  The Radio X show is back on a regular schedule, and I am trying to involve myself in a couple of other projects, as well.

And then there’s Teh Job.  A year in the department I’ve been in and the challenges keep on piling up – and I like it!  I look back at what I did a year earlier there, and I don’t know if I could go back to that, which is ironic since it was how well I did in that job that got me to where I am today.

All in all, looking back at all the things that happened this year, I can actually look back at 2011 and say this was a good year.

Onward and upward, 2012!