My beloved AIM Triton told me that I had to upgrade for “security reasons”. I merely though it was a new version of Triton I was installing – WRONG. They’ve decided to force everyone to convert over to AIM 6.5, and I’m not happy.

I’ve added, removed, installed, and uninstalled nearly every instant messaging program in the last forty-eight hours trying to find something that I’m happy with.

AIM 6.5 sucks. It is hands down the worst instant messaging program AIM has ever created. One of the “new features” is the ability to change the buddy list window color! Wait, MSN did that years ago – and mine is still set to ‘default’ because of how little I care. And status updates? If you’re really concerned with my up-to-the-minute status, try picking up the phone and calling me. Or hell, Facebook stalk me.

AIM Pro was nice, very professional-looking. It did everything I needed, except I wasn’t able to link all my screen names together – yeah, that’s not going to work.

Pidgin was okay, not what I was looking for – but not horrible. For some reason passwords I knew were right weren’t working and letting me connect, so I uninstalled Pigdin.

Trillian has never wanted to work correctly for me, so I didn’t even waste my time trying it again.

I’ve even tried to reinstall AIM Triton, but I continuously get the error telling me to upgrade. I’m at a loss, and out of programs to try.

Any suggestions?

  1. I like AIM 6.5 because it has a better audio management system. Otherwise, I don’t really have any reason to launch it since I use Pidgin (the old gAIM). I didn’t like the interface myself when I first used it, but I’m used to it and it doesn’t drag the system as much as Yahoo! does. And since I not only am happy with Pidgin but suggested it to you, I really have nothing else to suggest. In fact, this whole comment was a waste of my time since I had nothing suggesting to say.

    I suck at life. HAHA!

  2. Adium is good for me. It let me use Yahoo and MSN before they were Mac compatible.

    You could dig through Wikipedia. It’s not college safe (where I’m at) but it’s a good place to do other research.

    (I am NOT awake yet. Here it is, 1pm and I’m STILL tired).

  3. I have Windows Live Messenger and AIM 6. I only got AOL because bloggers I wanted to stay in contact with had nothing but that… I’m barely ever on it.

    I use MSN quite a bit but with that, people on my list are barely on. Grr.

    I really don’t care much about IM’s anymore. If people want me, send me an email!

  4. When was the last time you tried Trillian? Because a while back (quite a while now) it wouldn’t work right for me either, but then I got it a year or so ago and fell in love. It takes a little fiddling with to customize, with the buddy list and all, but do it once and you’re set. I’m happy enough with them to have gotten into the alpha testing program. =)
    I’m a die-hard Trillianer. /nod