O gawd. Here we go!

Little Long Islander me and my upstate New Yorker boyfriend have a girly Gramma dawg. My mom only had him for 6 months before ditching him at my job, literally. And it took a great deal of negotiation but I think my landlord won’t force us to break our lease so we won’t have to board him.

We took him because he was house broken and didn’t bark or bite and didn’t want to know what “friendly rich people” [a dark road in the middle of nowhere] took him in. Just one of those dawgs that you probably come across once in your life. That needs to be treated well and whatnot.

Just cool.

Not like one of those labs that walk themselves on their own leashes, but he falls asleep on my lap, doesn’t pee and is the friendliest alarm clock ever.

Meet Mr. Chimi Changa….chim-tastic chimney service / chim-elia the emulsifier / changer monger…. his identity is pretty secure though.

  1. Oh-em-gee… this goofy is so cute *O*

  2. I wish my parents had told me that “friendly rich people” took my bunny – instead he “ran away”… We all know that bunnies don’t run.
    Cute puppy :)