How long has it been now since the first “Occupy” protests have begun, six months? Seven?

The “99%” sitting on the doorsteps of the bankers, the Wall Streeters, the elite “1%” of the population making all the money. They cry poverty, whine about having nothing, about being unable to find work, all while swiping away on their iPads or tablets or smartphones on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, trying to get others to join their plight.

My first problem is that if you’re “that poor” you can’t afford an iAnything, so the “99%” can’t possibly represent true poverty. Unemployment is on-or-close-to 9%, so at best they represent the “9%”, and about 90% of the American population should be pissed they are being represented by a bunch of angry, hostile, lying fools trying to get a free handout.

Here’s another problem I have. The “American dream” is supposed to be a dream where if you work hard, you can do anything. Those trolls living in parks and trying to get their handouts… what exactly are they doing? Highlighting the fact that those Wall Streeters and bankers are successful in the dream they put out. Those heavy hitters put in 50 to 60 hours a week on a slow week, money drives them, and they are willing to work to succeed.

ATTENTION “99%” HOBOS! If you really want to protest someone, head to your local major sports arena and protest the NBA. Hop in your caravans and take a visit to Miami at the new ballpark for the Marlins. Sit outside of Scott Boras’ house. The people who you camp out in front of now are people that work for a living. Athletes get paid to play with a ball. Millions of dollars. To play a game.

Don’t get me wrong. I love sports and I love good competition, but if you want to protest about how bad things are, then protest the guys throwing around money like it’s candy.

Just a thought…

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