Through my experience in the sales industry I have discovered…

1. People don’t listen when you talk. Tell them you have leprosy and they will still shake your hand then ask “why is my ear falling off?”

2. People lie. About events. About what and who they are. “Not a single delivery truck even drove down my block all day” even when we have a detailed description of everything on their block including their window treatments and the name of their super.

3. Relationships are fleeting. On all levels with all people. Except for some men with their mothers. Like, dude, you’re fifty – you mom still tells you what to buy?

  1. 4. When they change their mind, it’s your fault for not knowing what they wanted.

    5. Haggling for food is just dirty, but the cheaper the food, the more you’ll see people haggle.

  2. 6. Everything is always your fault, especially if you weren’t trained correctly – you just should have known better.