I woke up to alarm this morning – but hours before that I woke up because I was freezing f&%^ing cold. It’s JUNE! But a desperately needed break in the past weeks humidity was in order and here it was I curled back up and enjoyed the remains of “Barry.”

I walked to the train, umbrella offering little relief and got soaked. I was practically shivering by the time I made it to my store.

I changed into new dry clothes and began my day. Yes. I have an entirely separate whore-drobe at my desk.

Now, in my dry clothes – I had to go to the bank and make Monday deposit. Freezing and soaked again, on my way back to my desk I stopped off at the coffee Shoppe for some vittles and a coffee.

Back at my desk- soaked and cold – I unwrap my little bag and there it is. Steaming hot – pea soup with earthy nutty bread that I would never select but they think I like it and always give in to me.

But dipping the health-bread into the soup I found that winter warmth in a to-go cup. So satisfying, I had to share.

  1. It was 70 degrees here, but you’re right – it felt like an ice box. I wore… a JACKET. And in the car? Heat was blastin’. Very weird weather, indeed.

    But I love this… more 60s and 70s please!

  2. It’s raining here. :D

  3. OMG my room is so nice right now. And its been raining here for days.

  4. It’s goddamn cold here today. High is set to 71 and it’s supposed to sprinkle. In June, in Califoria. IN JUNE! Water falling from the sky!

  5. It is 59 degrees in Chicago right now. Gonna be 90 Thursday. What the fuck, “god”?

  6. Your layout is a tad bit chaotic, but aside from that, very nice site, interesting content. Yes, it’s been freezing and pouring rain here, too, when it should be like 90 frickin’ degrees.

  7. [quote post=”1164″]Your layout is a tad bit chaotic, but aside from that, very nice site, interesting content.[/quote]
    Would you like a tissue for the brown stuff on your nose?