I find it funny that you and I have an enlightening conversation about things in our lives, and a week or two later you forget it ever happened.

I find it funny that you talk with me on the phone and forget what was said.

I find it sad that we call each other friends, but I feel like you only call me friends when you need it.

And yet, you still have my heart. You still have my spirit. You are still welcome in my life.

I regret meeting you. I regret giving you my heart and telling you that I’d never leave you. I regret doing anything I could to help and support you.

I hate that I hang on to your every word but you only pick the ones you like from mine.

I hate that your promises are so easily broken.

I hate the box of smokes I bought you.

But what I hate most is that I don’t think I can live without you.

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