People these days are crazy hypocrites, did you ever realize that?

So I went into work yesterday, early, to work a 12-hour shift because at 8:30am I was called and told that they had no cashiers. I got there by 9:00am and of course an hour later, the cashiers show up. Anyway, the whole store was super tense and no one would tell us what was going on.

At the bookstore, we have this 75-year old ex-Marine who works for us. He’s really a sarcastic asshole unless you really get to know him. Not only has he made customers cry, but he’s made employees (including yours truly) cry as well.

So he’s really a hard ass when it comes to people stealing and sneaking around, etc. Turns out, he stole a book and gave it to one of the janitors and then the janitor ratted him out. The best part is, it wasn’t even an expensive book and he lied about it.

I just don’t understand what goes through people’s minds. I would never steal something and then give it to some guy I didn’t know who also knew that I stole the book. That’s just foolish.

Oh and if any of you are wondering, I’m the beautiful new blonde hailing from luci-luminose.com who’ll be making an appearance here from now on.

  1. Was it even a decent book?

    And welcome to TDE, Dani :)

  2. I bet it was something like “How to Steal a Book from a Bookstore for Dummies”

  3. I live with a bunch hypocrites wanna do a documentary on their stupidity? lol. welcome to the TDE. I’m the local smartass. (I don’t blog I comment) I hope you post lots and keep up to good work I liked this post.