My two gigs…

Adobe is having problems on my computer – so I set about finding out the reasons it was being retarded… I discovered that I was missing space I should have had…

theREAS0Nwhy: i only have 3 gigs open
lolaurren: I’m sorry Stephanie, I stole your gig.
theREAS0Nwhy: actually, it’s 13.9
theREAS0Nwhy: so there are TWO gigs missing


lolaurren: so did you meet your hot guy?
theREAS0Nwhy: no
theREAS0Nwhy: i’m waiting on that
lolaurren: whys that?
theREAS0Nwhy: because i need to find my two gigs


theREAS0Nwhy: *le sigh* my dad says he doesn’t know where my two gigs are
lolaurren: that’s it
lolaurren: time to call news 4
theREAS0Nwhy: hahhahahahaha
lolaurren: Joe Krebs will get on the case

  1. You lost me after the second line, but don’t worry, it’s not unusual for me.

  2. I love your priorities. If you only needed 1GB, would it wait for the hot guy?