My two gigs…

Adobe is having problems on my computer – so I set about finding out the reasons it was being retarded… I discovered that I was missing space I should have had…

theREAS0Nwhy: i only have 3 gigs open
lolaurren: I’m sorry Stephanie, I stole your gig.
theREAS0Nwhy: actually, it’s 13.9
theREAS0Nwhy: so there are TWO gigs missing


lolaurren: so did you meet your hot guy?
theREAS0Nwhy: no
theREAS0Nwhy: i’m waiting on that
lolaurren: whys that?
theREAS0Nwhy: because i need to find my two gigs


theREAS0Nwhy: *le sigh* my dad says he doesn’t know where my two gigs are
lolaurren: that’s it
lolaurren: time to call news 4
theREAS0Nwhy: hahhahahahaha
lolaurren: Joe Krebs will get on the case

  1. I love your priorities. If you only needed 1GB, would it wait for the hot guy?

  2. You lost me after the second line, but don’t worry, it’s not unusual for me.