Mmkay so my car’s been out of commission since the end of July or beginning of August – something like that. Meh. It’s one of those times when this broke, so you find out that’s broken too, and then this breaks trying to fix the two things… yeah.

So slowly but surely we’ve managed to get it pieced back together until only the battery was left. We finally got that put in today, which was good because I had a few errands to run. Yay for not having to depend on someone else to do my stuffs for me!

So I get in the car, turn my shitty sound system up as loud as my pounding head could take it, and took off. A bit shakily at first because some of the kinks had to work themselves out – power steering needed to kick back in and such. By the time I started out of the complex though I was ready – went over that last speed bump and pushed the petal down. Sweet bliss.

The problem came when I realized that my tires needed checked… and found that there was no place in town that had a working air pump… thus putting me in a grumpy mood and leading to road rage.

Honked at 3, made faces at 2, and flipped off 1. Pulled one U-turn, squeezed between cars when I should have waited once, sped toward a parked truck at the gas station in reverse once (hey! only way to get to my pump), and stopped dead in the lane to piss people behind me off once.

All in all it could have been worse, but for an outing that only lasted half an hour I think it was pretty action-packed. Then again, I’ve barely been out of the apartment in the last month and a half or so…

It’s kind of sad when such a simple excursion seems like such a big thing.

  1. hahahah! YES, your car is back! I

  2. There’s nothing like road rage to brighten your life!
    [quote comment=”20172″]hahahah! YES, your car is back! I[/quote]
    You… what?

  3. Aww that is sad when a small excursion is a big deal like that, but hey, road rage is kinda fun sometimes when you can be the car bitch and tell other people why they suck.