My scale says I’ve been good all week, and all I wanted was a milk shake to reward myself.

Burger King’s machine was broken, and the guy working was “sincerely sorry… It only breaks on the hottest day of the year!” As one of the other girls said, it really sounded like he was going to be devastated over it.

Place #2 is overflowing with people, but we wait. And about fifteen minutes later I have my small mint chocolate chunk milkshake.

I try to get some through the straw, which I soon realized was a wasted effort.

I don’t know when shakes became so… thick. I had to add half a cup of milk to mine in order to drink it. Of course all of the chocolate chunks fall to the bottom of the milkshake, so my milkshake has turned into a “mint with chocolate chunks at the bottom” milkshake.

I am taking this as a sign from above that I should have just eaten the rest of my Ben & Jerry’s pint.

  1. haha I know what you mean. the milkshakes around here are horrible. I might as well make my own. and if you leave them in the freezer they get all gross. *le sigh*

  2. Two things: One, I’m dying for a strawberry milkshake.

    Second, your scale talks to you?

  3. See, when I have a shake from someplace like Burger King I wonder when they got so thin. I want to have to really work for that first slurp (and second, and third…). I want it to be able to hold its chunks of goodies if I have them in there.
    Now I want a shake. THANKS CHENOA.

  4. The burger king milkshake machine is always broken here too. Everytime I go to get one, they’re like ‘Nope, sorry, no milkshakes!’ I’m dying for a milkshake now too.

  5. I don’t think BurgerKing actually sells shakes. I think they just tell people they sell shakes, and then when someone goes to order one the machine is always broken.