Sort of anyway.

They trick you, I think, when you’re eagerly building your new computer. You click for this upgrade, ponder on that one and pass, click this one because you HAVE to have it. Good graphics are important right? Especially if you’re a gamer. So I ‘upgraded’ to a certain Nvidia card – went for the name because it’s what’s on my desktop and I know them to be good… tried to do a little research but when you know nothing about them the research is nothing but confusing.

So I get the laptop and all is well. I get my WoW on it and it’s ok – not as great as I expected but still good. Upgrade the driver and things get worse. After a while it gets to where I can’t do anything – even using the game for just chatting is pretty much out of the question. Looking around I read that it’s a problem with the video card and compatibility issues with Vista so I keep trying the fixes and nothing works.

Guess what? It’s the card itself. Because it sucks.

At first I had hopes of getting a new card to replace the sucky one but quicky realized that not only were they way out of my price range, there was no way I could be sure to get the right one without paying someone to give me the required info to see what my system could handle and what it couldn’t. What kind of slot do I have? What’s this? What’s that? Meh. My computer helper person is on the other side of the world so it didn’t take long for me to realize I’m pretty much SOL.

The moral of the story? Computer companies try to jip us. Or at least I’m believing that right now, because I was under the impression that mine was fine for gaming and it’s WAY not. Be extra careful with what you’re getting =(

  1. Computers are for the internet, and the internet is for porn.

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