My First Time

I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. I’d seen it done before, late at night on HBO, but there I was, about to conquer, or I guess, be conquered. I had heard stories about how bad it was going to hurt. I had no idea.

There was protection, lots of it. No chance of disease. As I saw it coming towards me, I opened a little wider. He talked me through it the whole way, so I knew what was coming. It took a couple of tries, but when he finally got it in, I closed my eyes and squeezed tighter. This is what I had been waiting for and heard so much about. They told me the first time is always the worst. I felt each pump deep inside of me. He asked if I was ok, and I could only manage a nod. I felt lightheaded and knew this would be the day that changed my life and a day I would remember.

So yeah, I gave blood today

(Obviously not me)


  1. Heh…

  2. Damn, I thought we were gonna hear a little story from your “vacation” ;)

  3. You know, there is nothing quite like your first time.

  4. Spread the love, baby.

  5. And I thought it was a visit to the dentist.