The by far sexiest voice in football has retired. And his tears make him even sexier. Yes on the news I watched Brett Favre announce that it’s all over.

Now mind you, I didn’t know shit about football until Christian and I started playing together on the Nintendo Wii and- viola – I learned football. So with the Giants in the play offs and then the uber-underdogs in the Super Bowl I was screaming myself hoarse cheering for them.

But at the end of the Giants v Packers game when Brett threw the ball almost directly to the Giants (catching guy? – I know downs and inside and outside runs but I don’t know their names yet…) I was seriously questioning what poor Brett was thinking…

And how the hell can he scream that loud over the crowds and everything so you can hear him saying “32-9-::barking noise::: ….yum. But he took his team to the final game of the playoffs in his final year- so I will mourn the loss of his foxiness.

Also, do any of you remember when LeBron James went on SNL and he did that Solid Gold skit where he wore spandex- he even donned a cape. Every time I see him in the sports highlights I can’t help but think of this:

lebron dons spandex

Now join me in a moment to mourn the loss of Brett Favre’s presence on our televisions…

  1. Not sure where the LeBron James reference came from but haha that’s hilarious. He looks like he was a cast member of “Fame.”

  2. im so glad ur back