I’ve been trying to catch up on reading while I’m home. School gets in the way of me reading the never-ending flow of books that goes through our house.

There’s a stack of books sitting on one of our end tables with my name on top. A majority of the books are by John Sandford.

Side note.

I read on the back of one of his books that Sanford isn’t his real last name, Camp is. Fine, whatever. Use a pseudonym all you want, but why put your real name on the book too?


This summer I read Invisible Prey, and I loved it. I’m actually a picky reader – murder mystery books are nearly the only thing I’ll read anymore. And if someone doesn’t die within the first three chapters or something on that level doesn’t happen, the chance of me finishing the book is very slim.

So I picked up Broken Prey Monday afternoon and finished it early Tuesday. Now I’m reading Naked Prey, which is proving somewhat interesting, but a little less interesting than the other two.

Regardless, it started off with two people dying – I’m hooked.

  1. I wonder why “Sanford.” Maybe his father was a junkyard owner? =)

    I haven’t touched a book in the past few weeks. I bought something a couple weeks ago, plus I have “Double Cross” by James Patterson. I’m hoping to read both books soon, one at work, the other maybe on Christmas Day.

  2. Same here, i realized one day that i don’t read enough now days, so now over vacation i did some book shopping. I have never heard of those books, might check them out.