Me, my knitting bag and my cell phone got on the Long Island Rail Road with my cousin and off we went to Riverhead. We transferred – me, my knitting bag, my cousin – to the connecting train.

It wasn’t until we were three stops away that I realized, “OMG my cell phone didn’t transfer with us!!!”

So I have an extra SIM card in my wallet and I have an extra cell phone on the third shelf of my book shelf. I call Cingular, move my service to the new SIM card and relax.

It wasn’t until I got home (yeah, I went a whole day without my phone! Holy!!) and tried to recover the numbers I had lost. I had about 130 contacts.

I didn’t call all of them, but if I needed – let’s say a job or where to go to dinner, or an old friend- they were there. A years’ worth of pictures (including the naked boyfriend that I had as my wall paper) were all lost too. I saved the cute vomit worthy text messages my boyfriend sent me from when we first started dating- all gone too.

I entered the four numbers I could recover feeling kind of deflated. My whole life was in the phone. What will I do now? Who will I call…. my new work friends? But what about the old ones?

My boyfriend’s main concern was the surprise who ever finds and opens the phone will get.

  1. I feel your pain. I had to get a new phone in July because my old one kept rebooting itself. They couldn’t transfer my phone numbers, songs, anything. It’s really depressing.

    Naked boyfriend wallpaper? Haha.

  2. The only thing worse than that is when you drop your phone in a toilet while piss drunk and watch it die in your hands, while piss drunk.

  3. Oh that stinks. I had a similar experience when I dropped my phone in the Bay last summer. I vowed to be more careful with phones from then on. I really wish you could backup all the information on the sim card. That would rule.

  4. my friend found some womans razr in a puddle in nyc last xmas. she kept calling him that night and he was really drunk and didnt realize it was set to answer on open, so he was all “this stupid bitch keeps calling me hahaha”

    he still has that phone, and its pretty sweet

  5. Get a smartphone with Windoh’s Mobile. Problem solved. heh ;)

    I’ve been there. I lost all my contacts ONCE and that was all it took.