The other night I was reading my usual blogs. After getting through my daily reads, I started link surfing. Lo and behold, I think I found someone even dumber than you-know-who.

Meet Jolene, your average twenty-something blogger. She’s from Buffalo, a Gemini, and “on the thick side” at 6’2″ and 206 lbs.

So what makes her so special? She’s a mom. A wonderful, caring, mature…

Oh wait. No, she’s not.

Now I have no problem with young moms. I think that your ability to parent is not based on your age. Lord knows I know enough grown women who shouldn’t be allowed near a zoo, let alone children. I digress.

Jolene has a 2 year old son, Roberto Sean. She sees him 3 nights a week, while the other 4 nights he is with his father. At first I didn’t think much of it. She posts about how she’s looking to move in with her mom and get off welfare. Her babydaddy is taking the baby to FLA with him, so she won’t have to worry about having a kid while she goes to school. Granted, I could never let my boy live 1500 miles away from me, but to each their own.

I commented, asking why the baby was going to be so far away, and though she approved my comment, she didn’t respond. So I kept reading her blog.

“WTF do I look like, I am so pissed, I was supposed to have tonight off, Roberto was supposed to take the baby because I have a physicitrist appointment tommarow, so Today we went to court and got it straightened out, then I gave him 11 dollars for him to buy a bag because I want to smoke tonight and sent him on his way. Then I call him to tell him I�d be over there in an hour, and what do I hear, not only do I have to take the baby tonight…we agreed on paper that I would have him 3, not 4 nights a week, 3. Now I have him tonight,tuesday night,wensday night and friday night, I do not consider thursday a night off since I have to wake up at the crack of fucking dawn, on friday. And he�s taking the baby on saturday, I have plans and he can kiss my big white ass.”

I don’t know if she’s more pissed about having to care for her kid or the thought she might have to share her bowl with him.

Someone comments along the lines of “OmG Lyk he shuld TotallY take care of hIs Son!1!1!11one How Ir responsibleeswe!11”

Dude, as far as I can tell, he takes him FOUR nights a week and is planning on moving and being the primary care giver. Maybe Jolene should stop smoking pot and be a parent.

Then she posts:

“Everytime I get close to having a life, Roberto wants to mess it up, I was supposed to go out with Nesha today which I of course had to cancel and Roberto is bitching about coming over tonight, and Hopefully on saturday I am going to the casino and the bar and I�m getting drunk”

There’s a responsible woman for you. All parents should get drunk and high. All the time.

I can see what’s going to happen. Her son will go to FLA and see her every so often. She’ll try to get off Welfare but you know how hard it is to get a real job, just ask Whatshername. And one day, 5 or 6 years down the road, she’ll get a letter saying she owes $37,000 in child support.

  1. Hehe… I really need to update my site sometime soon. Jolene inspired me to add a new section “Importiant links”

  2. For someone who went and had the baby, she sure as hell doesn’t seem to want it. Can we say, immature? I’m glad the father is taking him away from her, because that child is only going to end up with emotional problems if he keeps hanging out with his “mother” that treats him like that.

    They could have at least given the baby up for adoption so he could have a happy home.

  3. When it comes to people like her, all I ever have to say is stop fucking and kill yourself. For someone to be that out of touch with reality, all I can do is feel bad for the kid, and the father no less. If you don’t want to take the responsibility of a child then try using condoms. What a fucking halfwit.

  4. Christie – At first I was shocked that she’d want to leave her son like that, but then I saw all the other blogging about pot, drinking, going out and maybe being “pregenat” again and I realized that even if the father was a one legged monkey who freebased crank, he’d be a better parent.

  5. Holy crap…That poor child. People like her should be sterilized..her mom too.

  6. Damn this girl makes “whats her name” look like a saint. atleast “whats her name” has a job(even though its fast food) and takes care of her kid. Jolene needs to be taken out back and shot. the babydaddy is pretty stupid too if he doesnt go to court to request full custody and show the courts a print out of her blog and get her banned from seeing the kid.

  7. she has a mental illness and continues to smoke weed, way to go.

    Quit waving the excuse flag: I’ve got a mental illness I’m allowed to be messed up – so I’ll keep myself stoned and drunk to make sure of it.

  8. I lov emy bnoy so much i can’t wati until babydaddy trakes him from me forevere so ican go back to school and get fof welvere because i’m pregenat again

  9. John, you speak her language just a little too well.

  10. I hate reading her blog. It just pisses me off when she complains about not having money, then when she does get money she blows it on weed.

  11. Hey Crys, I lived with two people just like that last year, they got more money from welfare than I did, and never had money for the bills.

  12. Does this girl not realize we’re talking about her here? Because I even made an appearance at her site and got us linked… *snort*

  13. shes a dumb ass what do you expect

  14. I find that blog so unbelievebly stupid I’m actually wondering if it’s real? I mean…WHO DOES THAT!

  15. ugh, i just read her “my faith” section and almost died but then I read how she believes the world will end in 2006 or 2007 and prayed that no one believes real christians could be that stupid.