I watch like two shows. Religiously. And I’m not a big TV person. I mean I stare at it all the time. But religiously I watch the Black Donnelly’s and Grey’s Anatomy. And so tonight when I ran all the home — the night it’s supposed to be on the air and its not there. There’s some ridiculous sketch comedy show — wait… no. I’m not laughing. Where are my Donnelly’s???

I thought this show outshined the Soprano’s for plot movement and the character actually having … well … character? And history. It’s just the best show on right now — I mean what else is there? Reality shows that knock off each other knocking off each other? Or crime solving dramas. OOO solve murders with math. That’s sexy can I caress your calculator… I mean seriously. New York is so marketable – I mean crime in New York is always a bad publicity, but the accents are so off that if you don’t know Broadway Nassau is a subway stop or that Washington square park has an archly thing you’d never know it takes place in New York. And how long did it take for Desperate Housewives and Grey’s and all these powerhouse shows to take off? A lot longer than 6 episodes.

So. According to actor Billy Lush, if we all keep downloading episodes on iTunes (available Tuesday AM) and streaming video (did I says that right) off of NBC.COM – it will keep Donnelly’s in the top 3 or 4 shows watched via Internet. According to this other website, you can sign a petition to save my Donnellys or email nbcshows@nbc.com …that email just sounds like a mill, but maybe they are tallying the save the Donnelly’s email…. and if you’ve never seen it get the pilot on iTunes. It’s so awesome.

Please help save my show.

  1. Good show, but no real support. Apparently NBC doesn’t care about quality. That’s why they have 47326982797 versions of Law & Order and Deal or No Deal.

  2. we watched it too. well we tivo it. so i hear on the radio last week that nbc pulled it. then i see that hey it’s still on and new for the next few weeks so i’ll just keep watching it. and i forgot to tape it last night but apparently they pulled it off anyway so i’ll just delete my recorded episodes and go cry.

  3. I usually just wait to watch shows once they’re on DVD. After watching the first 3 seasons of Buffy like that, commercials become a real nusance. :) You should try House.

  4. I watched the first episode of The Donnellys and half of the second episode then I kinda forgot about it :/
    I heard somewhere that they might have pulled it, meh. It was pretty good. That sketch show just premiered last night so I doubt there will always be two episodes, so hopefully next week, I wish you luck XD

  5. this is why i don’t watch a lot of new tv. whatever i like, gets taken off the air within months or a year.(jake in progress and dead like me being the main two. so far, kyle xy has been spared.)

    then again, i’ve never even heard of this show. way to go, NBC promotions.

  6. I initially thought the show was about Boston Irish, trying to capitalize on The Departed. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t keep my interest.