Mmmm… /lick

This is just one of the many reasons I loves my Karyn so muches.

panda: you make me feel better too <3 we got that thang goin’ on ya know
Karyn: yea… it goes with the whip cream ya know ;)
panda: LMAO
panda: and the chocolate sause. /purr
Karyn: oh yea.
panda: =D
Karyn: and the cherries
Karyn: don’t forget those
panda: mmmm. don’t forget the sprinkles.
panda: god i love sundaes XD
Karyn: hahaha we make an odd par
Karyn: mmmmmmeeeee tooo

What? Get your mind out of the gutter.

  1. YESSSS I’m loved go me…

  2. [quote comment=”20242″]YESSSS I’m loved go me…[/quote]
    Where do you want to go to?

  3. To wherever Miranda is *purrs*

  4. [quote comment=”20258″]To wherever Miranda is *purrs*[/quote]
    Rawr! *lays out little Karyn treats down the path so she can find me*