I don’t know what it is with me and milkshakes, but I always seem to have a problem with them. I can now add McDonald’s to my list of places to never order a milkshake from.

On the way back to campus from a Halloween party in Terre Haute, we stopped at a McDonald’s to satisfy our late night craving for dessert. After ordering, I passed the milkshakes around the car. They all looked like vanilla, so we all tried the one we had in our hands to see if we had managed to end up with our own.

One medium vanilla milkshake and two medium chocolate milkshakes turned into three strawberry-swirl milkshakes with hints of vanilla and chocolate.

Normally, I wouldn’t care. Except for the tiny, minuscule fact that strawberry flavoring tends to make me break out in hives if I consume too much of it – not strawberries, just artificial strawberry flavoring.

I am now convinced that those bastards tried to kill me, and I’m plotting my revenge.

Anyone want my milkshake?

  1. *raises hand* Right here, please. I love strawberry milkshakes!

  2. Woah! Haha, McDonald’s is totally trying to kill you. The funny thing is all the McDonald’s around here have issues with getting the order right, too!

    I see your point about the whole rude thing, but it wasn’t as much what she said as the fact that she didn’t care about other people’s feelings.