Mash Ups

Yes, yes, I am several years behind the times, but I’ve just really gotten into the whole concept of mash-ups – you know, where a dj mixes two or more songs together to create a sort of new thing. I started wondering if maybe the same concept couldn’t be applied to other things.

For example, maybe there is a way to mash up movies.

I propose that you take two movies that an actor made at about the same time and splice parts of them together to create a brand new movie.

For example, Bruce Willis made “The Fifth Element” and “Armageddon” in the same year. It would be a pretty simple matter to splice elements of the two movies together. Maybe take the plot of “The Fifth Element” and the special effect sequences of “Armageddon” to make a lower tech version of the former?

This is too easy, though, as both movies are space adventures. Let’s make something challenging.

How about we take Vince Vaughn and – even though the movies were made a few years apart – mash up the remake of “Psycho” with “Old School.” C’mon! Every time he goes home from the frat house, he talks to his mysterious mother. You could mash up sections of him spying on his guests with sections of debauchery from “Old School.” You could imply that his friends were leaving him out, which leads him to bloody murder. Awesome.

How about mashing up all of Drew Barrymore’s movies to create a story about a woman who lost her memory, but keeps having flashbacks of hanging out with an alien as a child and, later as a teenager, seducing her friend’s father and, later still, being romanced by her current beau in the 1980s. I’m talking ’bout Adam Sandler. You can mix in some stuff from “Punch Drunk Love” to give him some depth.

Seriously, this could be wicked cool.

I, of course, can’t do it because I’m too busy. It is up to you.

  1. I have an idea. How about we take David Spade, put him together with the late Chris Farley, and have them act where Spade is the sardonic and anal retentive protector to Farley’s stupid outrageous lead character.

  2. Have you ever watched a lindsay lohan movie? ROFL just kidding.

    I think we should take Jay and Silent bob Strike back and spaceballz that would rock!