Little Acts

There’s no getting around the fact that the more society advances the more apparent its degradation becomes, be it by rising crime rates, increasingly powerful ‘defense’ weapons, or kids carrying guns to school and using them on their peers. These kinds of things are major, tending to get a lot of attention and media coverage.

No matter how peaceful we are ourselves, our everyday lives can be showered with grotesque visions of the many ways the human race has developed to torment itself and tear itself down, showing that despite our houses with running water and technological gadgets that amuse us and make our lives easier we’re really still just as barbaric as ever, if not more so.

The world around us has changed, as has our basic ways of life (unless, that is, you happen to be living in a tribe in some jungle – though they do have to suffer from our pollution and misuse/abuse of our planet), but the savage animal with its primal instincts and desires to be on top still remains inside of us, probably not as dormant as we’d like for it to be.

It’s basic instinct to put ourselves first, to do everything we can to make sure we get as close to the top as we can. This can come through in the smallest and seemingly harmless incidents (speeding, cutting line) but is even more apparent in others (murder, stealing, cheating, lying).

How much better would the world be if people were more considerate? If there weren’t so many “me me me” people out there mowing over anyone they can to get ahead, wouldn’t it make our days more peaceful and definitely more enjoyable?

It really isn’t too hard to quiet the beast within when it’s roaring that you should come first. Simple acts can have such an impact – stopping and holding a door open for someone, picking up something someone dropped, waiting the few extra seconds for a car to pass instead of cutting it off. Try to understand where someone is coming from if you don’t agree, try to understand how they feel… you might be amazed at how differently things can look from the other side when you try putting yourself in their shoes.

Always try to treat others as you want to be treated. Respect someone and their opinions no matter how different from yours they may be, and remember that a difference in opinion doesn’t make the other person stupid or wrong.

The longest journey starts with one step, just imagine what a smile could start.

  1. Aww, that was inspiring! … I consider myself a nice person. I hold doors open for people, and say “thank you” when they do likewise. If everyone were to be just a tad nicer, just a tad, it would make a big difference.

    In any case, have you ever seen that commercial where a guy crossing the street picks up a stuffed animal for a child who dropped it, and then the child’s mother does something nice for someone else and so on so forth… That’s what this article reminded me of. :) I wish I could remember what the commercial was for!!

  2. i frequently dream of living alone on top of a mountain that used to be a volcano on some tropical island. but then i realize it would probly result in a fight between me and monkey in line at the coconut tree…. but i agree with you 100%

  3. I know that people suck as a general idea but individual persons are quite good. I’ve had plenty of day to day experience with nice people holding doors open or letting me out when I’m driving and there are too many cars, etc. Sure if we’re not on top then we’re being trampled over so there’s that drive to be our best, but I think as a general most of us do it gently enough that we don’t affect a lot of people with our own battles.

  4. I gave someone a napkin today.