There’s nothing like opening up my email and finding fun stuff. I’m still getting junk mail, including one from “Kofi Annan” from the UN!!! He must have heard I won the e-mail lottery and wants in.

Anyway, let’s take a look into my email box and see what I got!

Hook a brotha’ out

I got an email from someone else asking about joining K-IRB, but then it turned into business queries. He asked if I could make jingle productions, and I told him that I indeed do. I had no problems with what he asked, except that I don’t even open my editor program until I get a deposit. He persisted, as if I would make an exception for him, but business is business.

Troubles abound

My friend emailed me, asking me to delete her entire website. No explanation, no nothing. Apparently something happened, and I’ll know soon enough. I guess. Now I’m ending tonight not knowing whether my friend is in need of help or something.

Here’s a shock

I got an email from someone, so I announced Saturday night during the radio show. I made a mention that there’s a rumor abound regarding some “camgirl” about being pregnant. A couple of days later, after posting a “secret” entry on her site, YouKnowWho announced that she’s filled with new babylife. I’m so proud of her little brother, finally being a father.

It’s all about the game

I don’t know if I’m going to have the kind of time I want to put into Elimination, but I’m getting emails and comments about the game, and that makes me feel real good inside. I have a couple of ideas as far as contests go, but I want to make sure I have the entire game blueprinted before I even launch the applications. It worked well for the first and second runs; why break tradition?

  1. Ugh it sucks when people expect you to make exceptions for them. Everyone has to think they’re special ;) I hope things are alright for your friend, something like that would have me all worried too. I laughed when I heard that on the radio the other night. That’s so funny. I’m looking forward to Elimination!

  2. Email is fun.

  3. I think I won that lottery too! Yayness :D

  4. Hmm I hope that incest bit was sarcasm, if not then this world is truly turning to be a sad, scary place to live in… 8O

  5. LOL little brother finally being a father! You’re baaaaaad.

  6. I’ll just second Val’s comment.

  7. Gotta love email. :P

  8. r u talking about Jennifer?! LOL

  9. Congratulations. You have nothing better to do than to make nasty, untrue comments about other people. Does doing this make you feel good about yourself?

    Just remember – you may consider this a fun little hobby, a way to pass the time, but the people you talk about are real individuals with feelings. Realize that at some point it could be yourself on the other end, or your wife, or even your child. How would you feel then?

  10. Sorry, you were mentioned?

  11. LOL.

  12. is Jennifer the hut so paranoid that she thinks everything is about her?

    get over yourself Hutt, you aren’t interesting enough.

  13. you read your junk mail…thats just sad!

  14. once again…where have i been? i missed the 2nd version of elimination. you crack me up, but you are right on point!