I’ll be the first to admit it – I had never even thought about doing my own laundry before I moved away to college. I left home knowing that red clothing did not belong in with white clothing. And that was about it.

Luckily, the washers and dryers here are designed for people like me – you simply place your clothes in, add detergent/dryer sheet, close the lid, swipe your student card, and press the button that best describes your clothing (‘whites’ or ‘colors’). It’s idiot proof, it really is.

It doesn’t change the fact that I loathe the idea of sorting colors from whites, going down to the basement, waiting thirty minutes, going back downstairs to throw wet clothes into the dryer, and then having to find something to do for another hour or two until your clothes are dry.

But the real fun starts after the whole washing/drying process is over – folding and hanging up laundry!

Shirts have to be hung up in color order – lighter shades of clothing before the darker ones, etc. And for some reason I ALWAYS end up with more clothing to hang up than I have hangers. Dress pants are hung up (separate section from the shirts), and blue jeans are folded neatly and placed on their side of the drawer, because things have to be in their exact spot in the drawers. Towels are folded and placed on my shelf. Socks, bras, etc are placed in their own special places in my drawers. And after organizing everything for another hour, everyone is happy.

I wish I could be like some people around here and pay someone to do my laundry for me, but being a poor college student… well, it’s just not in my budget. Ugh.

Guess what tomorrow is? LAUNDRY DAY!

  1. You hang up your clothing in color order?

  2. I know how you feel. Haha.
    But, do you have to hang up your shirts in color order? :p

  3. wow, don’t get me wrong, but I’m always shocked when people over the age of 13 don’t know how to wash their own clothes, lol :) but you’re learning, right? and you’re definitely more thorough than me when it comes to organizing your closet, I just throw it all in there, lol :)

  4. John, don’t judge people for hanging their clothes in color order. There is an entire society of OCD people out there that can’t sleep at night if there is a red in the white section. That is actually one of Ben’s favorite ways to fuck with me. Putting a random color shirt in the worng section. It makes me twitch…

  5. I’ve been using the washer since I’ve been about 12, lol. I hang my clothes up as well, but not in any particular order. I try and keep certain things like all of my jeans in one spot, then dress pants in another.. but I don’t go by colors or anything. I’m doing that would tend to make things easier to find though.

  6. BUT LAUNDRY IS FUN!!! except for my intense hatred of laundry matts, the screaming children running everywhere, fighting with woman calling me names in other languages…. I really do love it. put dirty things in a metal machine with some down clean breeze and all fresh twist and life, atleast smells, glorious. but for the last month i have been doing drop off service.. with my detergents. I get all the glory without being in the laundry matt. ps: you dont have to hang all of that. an iron works just as well….