“You stupid whore!” he screams from underneath my window.

I should have known the one night I slept with my window open would be the one night I should have just left it closed. I glance at my clock which screamed “3AM”. I roll peer down to see who he’s declaring these words of love to.

A girl, whom I don’t recognize, is sobbing uncontrollably. “It was an accident… they asked, and I thought you had already told them!” She pleads with him for his forgiveness.

“You had NO right to tell them!”

I lean over the right side of my bed and grab my phone. He begins to scream vulgar words at her, and I begin to search for Public Safety’s number… Domino’s would be good, I should call him tomorrow, there it is – Public Safety.

I cannot help feeling sorry for this girl, especially with her being so… under dressed. She’s wearing a short miniskirt with a fleece jacket, shivering from the cold rain that’s been steady for the last few hours. Although I still have not learned what horrible deed she has told someone. I decide to postpone my call and listen in more.

“Why would I tell my family and friends that I’m leaving college?”

Well, that answered my questions. He stumbles forward, and for a moment I think he’s going to hit her. With the next few mumbles lines, I realize that this guy is drunk – which explains his extreme need to be so loud.

She glances upward, and we make eye contact. She smiles knowing that someone is watching over her, and then faces him again.

“I’m going home,” she tells him and walks away.

I watch him punch the brick wall of the building, which I’m sure he felt the next morning along with his hangover. He storms off in the opposite direction, and I curl back up in my warm blankets for another few hours.

  1. Wow that was quite an entry. I could picture the scene quite vividly in my head. Nice use of descriptive words. It helps us imagine the scene. I also love the way the first line has us hooked straight away.