I wish I had something interesting to blog about. I feel like I’m turning into John – only I don’t have a child that I can use occasionally for amusing stories, and I don’t have gray hair yet.

That last part is a lie – I’ve actually gained a few strands of white/gray hair. Last count was five.

I could blog about the hideous brown, beige, and tan colored carpet that I’ve been staring at for the last five hours. It has so many swirls that I often feel as though I’m going to puke. The only thing keeping from hurling the contents of my stomach is that the contents of my stomach are… limited. I seem to have forgotten to eat anything other than a sandwich today – OOPS.

I could tell you all about the decline, or lack of a decline, that took place in Spain’s economy in the seventeenth century. Two hundred pages of articles later, I feel as though my brain is about to explode from all of the arguments that I had to cover. I’ll save your sanity level and not blog about that.

How about my current fight with financial aid? They’re threatening to make me pay back $16,400 in federal money because of my citizenship status. Apparently someone doesn’t understand that “dual” means both United States and Canadian citizen. Dumbasses.

I could always throw another story up on here, but I’m honestly tired of reading my own work. Writing is a love of mine, but I’m far too critical when it comes to my own work. And since TheDeadEnd is set as my homepage – yes, I am that lame – I’d have to look at my story at least 23847928347 times a day.

I could always blog about all of the possibilities I could blog about.

Yeah, I’ll do that.

  1. wow, lol I would hate to have a carpet like that.

  2. geez…i’m so glad that i’m not the only one who has trouble deciding what to blog about. but i’m sorry that you’re having so much trouble w/ finaid. it sucks. :(

  3. First, my hair is not going gray. I am simply losing color in some of my strands.

    Second, do what I do as far as the ugly carpet goes – throw crap on it. Sure, it’s a mess, but at least the ugly carpet is gone!

  4. I like how you tie it all together in the end.

    Some people at the financial aid office should definitely not be qualified to work in such an important office. Seriously.