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Massachusetts’ legislature has chosen to prevent Gay Marriage from going to a popular vote.

Now, some folks are saying this is anti-democratic. And maybe it is. But, I just wanted to make a list of some other things that would still exist if they were left to the popular vote.

1. No Interracial Marriage – when California made it legal in the 1940s, over 90% of the population was against it. The majority of citizens of the US did not support it according to polls until 1991.

2. Slavery – well, we went to war over that one. Even then, there would have been plenty of people who would have been anxious to vote in favor of slavery had they been given the choice.

3. Torture – apparently, as recently as 2005, the majority of Americans support torture.

There are a bunch more things, but you get the point.

This is a problem inherent with democracy – the majority will usually (almost always) want to impose its will on the minority. This is called The Tyranny of the Majority.

Any of you who were ever involved in any sort of voting scenario in high school know exactly what this is all about; no matter what is right or just, the popular thing wins. Popular does not, ipso facto equal just, good or morally right.

Indeed, it is always worth noting that some of the worst despots in the Twentieth Century were elected by a democratic majority.

Am I coming out against democracy? No. I am saying that we have the right to vote for the people to represent us, but it is their job to do what bests supports our constitutionally stated ideals.

Somehow, it seems like a whole lot of people missed that part of civics class.

  1. Interesting. We have nothing like that in Australia, where the public vote counts. In fact, it appears to be generally ignored. When public opinion is asked for, it’s generally around christmas time when people are busy with christmassy things and not thinking of being political. however, the point made about majority trying to force its viewpoint on the minority, everytime time I read an Australian newspaper it appears to be the other way round. without pointing fingers at other nationalities in australia, the minority now want australian schools to be more like the schools in their country. but that’s a tangent I could probably debate until the cows came home. there’s so much wrong politically in this world, it’d be a never-ending conversation. the same with people’s driving habits. that’s another topic it’s best to not get me started on lol

  2. Well, some items to take into account with this particular vote – there are quite a few openly gay legislators in the Mass. State House.

    And, for the first time in probably years, the legislators of this state actually made a decision that I agree with.

  3. Why should they let people vote on whether they want gay marriages legal? When did the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts all become lawyers? I think whenever the government puts some kind of consensus for the people to vote on something they’re afraid of actually taking the fall for something they don’t agree with and are simply protecting their asses so that if whatever it is fails, they can always say, “Well, YOU voted on it, it’s YOUR fault suchandsuch happened!”

    That, and I think people are generally stupid.

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