Hi! Long time no write. I’m at a lack for inspiration and John begged me to blog. Llittle does he know, this is his birthday present.

Classes started & I’m about a month into them. I’m trying really hard to do well this year, since I graduate in May haha.

second earth Speaking of education. Did you know that there might be a second Earth being created right now? How cool is that?

It’s about 424 light-years away. I hope that the astronomers are right because I think it’d be really awesome to experience such a phenomena in our lifetime, even if it’s not completed in our lifetime. We need something good to happen, haha.

For anyone who’s interested, you can find the article here.

  1. Thanks for the birthday present, I think.

    I think the idea of a re-evolution with the possibility of a new Earth being created is an interesting idea, but at the same time I think watching the birth of a new planet could be kind of creepy at the same time. Like, what if while we are looking at them start, they are looking at us about to end?

    Happy birthday to me, biches!!!