It’s summer in the south, and apparently I am the only one around here that realizes that. For some reason people down here are acting like they’ve never experienced summer at all.

Alabama averages a humidity of 90-100%. and a “cool day” usually considered to be anything under 100 degrees. And getting rain in the summer? HA! It hasn’t rained in some parts of Alabama since March.

But apparently everyone in this state has left their bodies and moved to Antarctica.

The local weatherman came on TV and acted absolutely shocked that it was over 60 degrees outside – upper 90s “isn’t normal” for southern Alabama this time of year apparently.

It’s summer. It’s Alabama. It’s hot.

Suck it up or move to Antarctica with your body.

  1. Hahaha~ here in The Netherlands it’s always the other way around. When Spring comes and the weather is nice, but still not really warm enough… People show up riding their bikes with shorts on *ugh* It’s not even summer people – it’s spring and it’s still waaaaaay to cold to wear shorts like that! ;) Enjoy the nice weather – unfortunately here the weather has turned and it’s raining raining raining *ughhhh* Take care! xoxo

  2. Yeah, I’d like to see one of those weathermen work a day in Boston. Our weather changes by the hour. We can have 80s one day, snow the next.

  3. Tonight’s forecast: Partly dark with a chance of sunrise early in the morning.

    Tomorrow, expect it to be bright with a chance of darkness, with the light tapering off just around sunset.