So we’re saving for our wedding and desperately trying to pinch pennies so we both agreed to exchange one gift… an iPod touch. I thought this was of course a frivolous waste of $250 but it saves me from shopping and both of us from trying to outspend each other.

I got mine engraved and it says: “Always overcoming the bridge home to you. I love you.” He got mine in the Apple store, and they don’t engrave. Oh well.

We exchanged them early and I am so in love. This is like that Lexis commercial where the little girl wants a pony and then it flashes to her getting a Lexis – the bitch.  But this is the best gift ever.

Moral of my story: when in a gift giving competition, agree to one gift and make it as good as you can afford. Now I return to knitting the rest of my gifts… And to those of you who think that’s being cheap go price some non-synthetic fiber. Mmmm alpaca.

Happy Festivus to all and beware of stray Long Islanders lest you wish to be stampeded for the last easy bake oven!

  1. I think the people working are more in danger than anyone that goes shopping LOL

  2. Oh that’s very sweet :]
    I’m currently being questioned for gift ideas by my boyfriend. I don’t want to be a material girl friend and ask for something outrageous or be troublesome and leave him to come up with something himself but I have absolutely no idea what I want. I’ve been raised never to ask for things so I feel wrong when people buy me stuff.

  3. a wedding and a ipod touch..can’t go wrong with that!

  4. Hey, if it’s going to be one gift, it might as well be a good one. An iPod Touch sounds awesome. I wish my boyfriend and I could exchange one of those this Christmas!

  5. While I think the iPod Touch is a waste of money in itself (as with all Apple products, but I won’t get started), that sounds like a nice gift.

    And lol @ the Long Islanders comment. I fucking hate Long Islanders. *totally is a native LIer*

  6. I think they only engrave when you order online. At least that’s what I read when I searched for a new iPod on the Apple website.

  7. That’s a really nice gift! Good luck with the wedding!

  8. Aw, an iPod touch is a really nice gift. And it’s so sweet of you to have it engraved :D

    Best wishes to both of you! :D