You know, if you look around the world, you’ll find insanity in the most unusual places.

Let’s take a look at retail for just a moment. Many companies pride themselves on “customer service.” They post banners, show their employees videos, even run ads on television and radio about how great their customer service is. What they essentially do is say “We give great customer service,” over and over again so much that some people actually believe it.

This tactic does not usually work, unless of course, you are a bank. Banks hold us at their mercy, making their own hours, and doing whatever they want with OUR money.

There is of course, one retail company that has made millions of dollars from providing abhorable customer service. This is of course, Wal*Mart.

This retail giant is the nation’s largest specialty retailer, followed by The Home Depot, and then Lowe’s.

The Home Depot And Lowe’s, like Wal*Mart have been successful from the big-box retailer game, Lowe’s having been around for about 60 years, with a slow but steady climb to success, and The Home Depot rapidly expanding over its 30 year existence.

How long has Wal*Mart been around? Who cares? They suck.

From refusing to open a reasonable amount of registers during busy times to having poorly stocked, unorganized shelves, and let’s not even get started on safety concerns.

Do you believe they keep POOL CHEMICALS, not only indoors (fire hazard), but IN THE FUCKING TOY DEPARTMENT? That’s right, you can purchase a Cabbage Patch doll and a bucket of chlorine from the same shelf. Not to mention most of the buckets of chlorine are open, spilling harmful chemicals all over the toys around them.

As a case study, the YHR research group had a key made at the Wal*Mart in Manville, New Jersey. This ordeal not only took 45 minutes, it found the store to “not have a manager” and had 6 associates, who were bullshitting by the key machine tell them, “This isn’t our department” and provide no other guidance.

They found an older gentleman who worked in fabrics, who they were able to convince to make the key finally, after they assured him they would walk him through the process, and even begged him. This tactic did not work on anyone else.

So here’s my advice to you, go to your local Wal*Mart at three separate times, and ask for a manager. I almost guarantee you that two out of three times, you’ll not get one.

Even better, if you get one, ask why there’s 50 people in line, and one register open. Most cashiers at the Wal*Marts in New Jersey spend more time cleaning up shelves, or wandering around the store, than they do operating register.

  1. what do you expect? they pay the employees poorly do you really think they are going to worry about customer service?

    the irony of Wal-mart bashing is that 99% of the people that bash Ol’ wally world shop there themselves. They lure people with the low prices and people fall for it hook line and sinker so they will never change. want to make a change? get A LOT of people to boycott them

  2. Despite all that, I still heart wal*mart.

  3. I’m actually going there today so I can get a free book and a sandwich, because I love free books. And sandwiches.

    Besides, who can resist that hot blue vest, hanging over your teller’s shoulders, her dirty blonde hair and her soft blue eyes, that lovely mousy brown moustache and jagged tooth as she coughs her way into checking you out on the Speedy Checkout line?

  4. You have no idea what that place is like until you actually work there. When you deal with people assuming that you are a retard 99% of the time, do you think you actually want to go to work to endure more of it? So many of my old coworkers had a lot of education as paralegals and such, but they couldn’t get hired doing what they were trained to do, and they needed an income. It’s shit. I worked as a cashier and in the cosmetics department when I was there, and there were days I would have loved to gone postal on the place. The management is complete and utter bullshit. Yeah, we were paid diddly squat. We had the shittiest health care plan in the whole country. I’m not condoning anything this company does by any means, because they are completely savage.

  5. On the plus side, they stock plus sizes.

  6. They just suck… However my wallet likes them. I go food shopping there.

  7. I have a long time friend who was a manager at Walmart when I first met him. His job basically consisted of writing schedules and playing with his balls all day. Although he made a decent salary he had to leave because the entire situation depressed him so much. He has a very elaborate theory on retail professions and how companies like Walmart destroy lives. To hear him explain it all is pretty interesting.

  8. most of the employees there are retarded. it’s wal-mart, it doesnt take a brain or an education to work there.