Yes. I love video games. Well, not really video games the way they are now because the controllers confuse me, but old school Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. OMG yoshi… and I loved the new Super Mario Brothers with big and mini Mario brothers.

For people like me who are technically challenged and just like a fun game, there is Wii.

We were the first people outside GameStop Sunday morning and the only people until a half an hour before the store opened – but we were one of the six waiting to get one of the only six Wii’s.

Now this really isn’t the time for us to buy a Wii – this isn’t the time to buy anything extra – and considering I don’t even play what is now a video game, I kicked and screamed until we got it home.

It’s the most fun I have ever had playing a video game! Christian and I boxed each other, and it was so real that we were both sweating and I think I pulled a few muscles.

The Mii’s (which for those who are in the know are little people you create to represent you in the world of Wii) can be made to an exact replica and exchanged. If you wanna exchange Mii’s my Wii number is 1326 5904 5457 4954. I have my friend Debra, her boyfriend, and brother living in my Wii on top of my DVD player.

If you have the extra coinage and you know where you can get one I strongly suggest that you do so because it’s the most fun you will ever have playing a ‘video game.’

  1. Do you feed them? I mean, that’s kinda scary, I’d think, living in a video game, if you have no food or water. You better be nice to them!

  2. On our floor there are four to five people with them. I played tennis and baseball, and I hurt afterwards. It’s definately a workout, and it beats getting out in the cold weather to go to the gym.

  3. I want a Wii so badly. I’ve played it once because my boyfriend’s brother stood in line for hours waiting for it, and it’s awesome!! I liked the bowling and tennis game.

  4. I hurt the night after I got my Wii. But it was so much fun that I don’t mind getting sore from it. I just absolutely love the games (Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz is awesome). Once I get my Wii on our gaming server, I’ll add your number to my Friends List. Then mii and my 8 friends can come visit your Miis.

  5. The Dead End – bringing wii-ple together.