Today, my overly-sensitive sister got upset when I told her to stop complaining about the high school gossip that goes on at her job (“Justin told Bob that he likes Maxine, even though I kissed him two days ago”). She then cried and blamed my insensitivity for why we never have “sister talks.”

Now, I’ve been a sister for almost twenty years. Never in my life have I heard of a “sister talk.” However, I’m under the impression it involves emotions and warm fuzzy feelings that can be found on shows like Gilmore Girls or Dawson’s Creek. Not exactly my deck of cards. In all honesty, I would much rather be involved in “brother talks” or “sex talks (with my strict and very Catholic Dad)” or “homicidal maniac talks.” To be honest, I really don’t know where this idea of relating to one another came from, as I don’t get along with my sister and probably never will. We’ve never once talked about our personal lives to one another, so I’m unsure of why she decided to start now.

To further reflect my thoughts on the “sister talk,” I broke out in (really loud) laughter. And because she gets overly emotional over the stupidest things in life, her crying turned into something reminiscent to a wolf howling at the moon. Except she looked more like a yelling Charlie Brown character.

But I have to ask, is it so out of the ordinary for me to be so thrown off by this? I mean, was my reaction to her wanting to “relate” to me really all that unexpected? Do you have really weird family members who are like this?

  1. Sister talks are basically the same as mother daughter talks just with a lesser age gap. My sister comes to me about “I think I might get my period soon … ” and stuff like that.

    Tbf I do not think a sex talk with your Dad would be bad:
    Dad: Hmm I have to give you a sex talk
    You: Okay
    Dad: Never have sex, unless you are married and wanting children.
    You: Okay.

  2. Now, I don’t have siblings and I’m NOT one that likes to share her feeling and have a good cry with friends, but I kinda understand your sister wanting that from you. Believe it or not, she probably looks up to you in someway (especially if your older) and she probably wants to be able to talk to you and come to you with her problems without you making her feel dumb. I’m not saying you need to change who you are or even share your own personal things, but could it hurt to just sit there and listen to her problems every now and then, however dumb they may be… without laughing in her face. I know you said you’re not close and never have been, but maybe she wants to be and has wanted to for a while, and that’s why she kind of burst out with it out of nowhere.

    Honestly, I’m not trying to make you seem like the bad guy, I’m probably a lot more like you than your sister and can relate to you, but I can also see where your sister may be coming from and how she may be feeling.

  3. This is why I am so glad I was an only child…. I would have slapped my sister and said something mean after the bursting into tears thing. D: Does that make me horridly mean?? HAHA Aww :(

  4. I hate to sound cliche, but you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. If she dies tomorrow, will you wish you were closer with her? Or will you see it the way you do now?

  5. I don’t have a sister, but I have two brothers, so I’m used to “brother talks”. :) I do have a friend that’s like a sister to me, though, and we talk about everything. I agree with Tiana – maybe your sister has decided it’s time of ya’ll to be closer, I dunno. Would it be so bad, though (other then the fuzzy feelings part)?

  6. so i was seperated from my younger sister for 15 years. and so when we got together it was all shits and giggles and a jolly good time- until she went stark raving mad. the beautiful thing about family (all family members) is they arent friends, you cant pick them. And you kinda have to sit thru some of the unexpected shenanigans and love them in the monring anyway. You can say she might have just needed you to listen or something. But, give yourself amnesia for this event and continue on how you two were.