I had a $10 gift certificate to a place near campus that I needed to use, so I took two of my friends out for lunch.

The place quits making food at 1PM and reopens at 4PM – their “lunch hour”. We get there and place our order at 12:17PM – hamburger with fries, GCB with fries, nachos, three drinks. After my gift certificates were applied, our total was a little over five dollars. I didn’t have cash, so I volunteered to put it on my credit card and let the other girls pay me back later.

12:33PM – The hamburger with fries and GCB with fries shows up. The guy tells me, “Yours will be up in a minute.” I laugh when he leaves because I know that the nacho chips are prepackaged and they just melt some cheese – not that hard.

12:40PM – I walk to the counter and complain to the woman standing there, give her the ticket information, and tell her “My nachos never came. And I need a to go box when you get them ready.”

12:47PM – She brings a cheeseburger to our table. After calmly explaining that none of us ordered a cheeseburger and that my NACHOS were missing, she asked if I wanted her to go back and make them or if I wanted a refund. I chose the refund.

12:54PM – She walks back with my credit card and tells me that they can’t find our original ticket. I give her the death glare and get ready to tell her to go fuck herself when my friend chimes in that the ticket was under her name, not mine (the one on the credit card).

12:59PM – I sign the receipt saying that they’re refunding my credit card for the five dollars and change that I paid. She asks if I would like a refund for the other two meals. No, keep them for a job well done, dumbass. I didn’t say that because I’m way too nice, but I did take the ten dollars back.

1:05PM – Finally have my full refund, and my friend and I are getting ready to leave (our other friend had to leave around 12:50 because she had class at 1PM). The guy that originally took our order walks up – “I’m sorry for the mix-up. I had to do the ticket as two separate orders because of the gift certificate.” Before I can open my mouth and ask “Well what the fuck was the problem the second time with the nachos?”, my friend shoves me towards the door.

The good news? My friends got free food, and I got cheese fries on campus.

  1. Geez. What a mess!