I stumbled out of bed on Tuesday morning and went to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice before heading home. I opened the fridge and heard my boyfriend and his roommate Brendan bitching and complaining about having to take the train to work.

“Whats your problem,” I asked in between sips of Tropicana.

“Dude, The fuckin’ tunnel fell on some broad! Now we gotta take the train,” said Brendan.

My boyfriend yelled, “I knew I hated The Big Dig!”

The Big Dig has been a major topic of conversations and bitchfests alike among Bostonians for years now. Construction started in in the early 90’s and was completed earlier this year. However, residents of Boston are still fuming about the project — and with good reason.

After close to $15 billion were spent on the project (way more than half of it’s initial budget), we’re still left with unbearable traffic, horrendous construcion sites left over, and now a freak accident has occured leaving a woman dead and her new husband injured. In short — it has deeply failed at doing what it was designed to do.

I’m just wondering how much more money taxpayers will have the shell out in order to secure the lethal project that nobody wanted to begin with. Or better yet — how many times do I have to cross my fingers on my way to the airport?

  1. too bad all of massachusetts didnt collapse.

  2. Yeah, I saw that on the news over here on the “left” coast. Pretty sad…

    Mmmm, tropicana! ;)

  3. Of course, the local FOX news affiliate made it sound like it happened in New York.

    I’ve been through there during the Big Dig, heading up to Maine to visit a friend, and it was hilariously disgusting. All that money for what?

  4. This is where all the TNT is going to go for the next faked terrorist attack that we need to justify invading Mexico, thus addressing immigration and terrorism at the same time.

  5. Except nobody gives a shit about Boston, except the guy that has the talking dog with the bean factory. And Red Sox fans.

  6. Oh no you didn’t.

  7. And Joey’s cat.

  8. Oh yes you did.

  9. The old Mittster is shoving some other boondoggle down our throats on Cape Cod, too. he calls it a “flyover.” I call it an “eyesore.”

  10. Oh, no kidding. Thankfully my parents’ summer house is just before Sagamore so I’m not forced to deal with it. But I’m dreading my next trip to Hyannis.