As far back as I can remember my grandmother would have just made dinner, she would turn the TV to face the dinner table and we would all watch the news while eating.

She would change the channel for the tampon commercials because they weren’t appropriate for the dinner table.

Peter Jennings with the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the OJ Simpson trial, the conflict in the Middle East, the night vision cameras, me and my mom in front of a kerosene heater in a dark room and a baritone voice narrating the Iraq-Kuwait war.

Our network has always been ABC. I don’t want to say that I am sexist but I feel like the only way to get the evening news is the graying man with a sure voice telling me how many more American soldiers have died or how some ten year old saved the world or how there’s a new breast cancer treatment that will not only cure the cancer but give you a third boob – and the masses cheer.

I tried to watch Katie Couric but I couldn’t help but notice how much skinnier she is in her promotional posters. It’s all I could think about and wondered why she let the network airbrush her. There’s something generic about her giving the news.

I think she’s adorable though. But I watch CBS for absolutely nothing. Besides CSI I have no idea what is on CBS. Who watches CBS? With that in mind why would anyone watch their news?

I truly think that the reason that people are making Charlie Gibson’s news so popular is because there’s something nostalgic about it. It makes me feel like I’m at home. It reminds me of a time that was just as complicated but in memory, simpler. Maybe the entirety of the 18-45 age demographic all sat with their grammas watching Peter Jennings? Hmm.

They discussed it on The View the other morning (I love the view and I watch whenever I can) and brought up the sexist point, but I don’t think I’m sexist in anyway. I just like my World News Tonight they way I like it?

Maybe there are a lot of other people who agree with me?

  1. I dunno… I kinda like http://www.livevideo.com/BikiniNews myself.

  2. I loved Katie on the Today Show but it’s hard for me to watch her on the Evening News. She was bubbly, silly Katie for so long (and really played that to her advantage) that it’s hard to really take her seriously now even though she really is very intelligent had a good interviewer.

    I’m unsure about The View these days. I really loved the original cast. I LOVE Lisa Ling and grew up watching her in high school on Chanel One. If she were still on the show I’d probably be more interested. I do like Rosie. Not because I agree with everything she says or does, but because she speaks out. A lot. I just wish that Joy would FORCE herself to be heard above Rosie’s dominant presence because I think she has a lot to offer but sit’s back and lets other’s have the spotlight too much.

    Interesting that you bring this up. I can’t think of a single woman that I’d like to see as a nightly news anchor. Probably because I grew up the way you did and the Charlie Gibson’s are what’s ‘comfortable’.

  3. I don’t think Katie is horrible, but she definitely isn’t the same Katie Couric that did the Today Show. She’s so serious now, it’s almost like she’s lost her personality.

    And The View just annoys me. Well actually, Rosie annoys me.

  4. Not living in the US leaves me with no idea what half that blog entry was about, I’m afraid. I always feel that the UK is so out of television shows. However CSI is one of my particular favourites; there is something almost too cool about Grissom and Heratio. Yes.