Saw a tweet that a friend of mine re-tweeted from someone else bragging about how they’ve been online for 10 years as a blogger. I think the tweet was more of a counter-whine to someone else talking about how they’ve been blogging for 2 years and they’ve run out of things to do. Of course, the decadence “blogger” is more of a sponsored writer now, writing sex toy reviews and other product mentions riddled inbetween diatribe.

I remember when at one time, being a “blogger” before the term was coined was a true staple. Before programs like WordPress, Movable Type, and even Greymatter were even conceived. HTML was barely 3.0, and if you could figure out how to make text move on your screen, you were considered a programming God.

But what have we done? I know one person who’s made a difference. He’s gone from being a blogger to an internet radio guy turned political guru. Now, he works in Washington, DC. He believed his own hype, and used it to grow into what he is today.

I know myself, a former broadcaster, using the website at one point was to promote myself and the projects I was involved with. My own fascination caused my own downward spiral, both on- and off-line, to the point where I became a shell of who I once was.

While some of you Web 2.0 people turn to Twitter for celebrity, or try to collect as many Facebook friends you can, I find myself closing down. Those in my life are in my life because I choose them to be, and I am much more selective now than I was a decade ago.

In those days, I would get high off the smell of the microphone windsock. The adrenaline rush that would go through my body would bring me to ecstasy once my air shift would start, and the wave I rode would last for hours after I was off the air. I never understood how people would throw their lives away on drugs when all they needed was something they truly loved to bring them to addicting levels.

I find your blogs boring. Talking about what’s going on today, saying the same thing that hundreds of others are saying, and that hundreds more are just cutting and pasting off TMZ or Fox News. Being original, you are not. And yet you complain about how you have nothing to say.

I don’t post every day. Sometimes I don’t have anything on my mind. Sometimes I think of something witty, and pass on it. I’m not addicted to the hundreds of people that would come to my site. The dozens that would flog my comments and create even more traffic. You don’t fascinate me anymore.

And with the Radio X show back in two weeks, I don’t feel “anything” for that, either. And that’s my baby, my pride and joy. I… I don’t care.

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