My store is in one of these big fancy buildings. And so in order to get anything fixed I have to go through this fucked up bureaucracy.

I was leaving messages for the super – like I would in my white trash deluxe building – but apparently that didn’t work. So I have to go to the doorman, who calls the handy man who calls the plumber. My circuit breaker is broken and I’m leaving love notes for a mysterious man named Anthony.

Three weeks ago it started when they “fixed” my toilet. It screamed when it flushed but at least it flushed. Then last weekend – it stopped flushing completely!!!

Super, doorman, handyman, handyman the second – and again no flushing at all when I came in this Saturday!! And I go and tell the doorman and he looks at me like I’m crazy and it’s no big deal.

I work in this store by myself – what am I supposed to do?? Lock in or kick out five sets of customers in my store so I can run around the block to pee? Does that make sense when we pay like $25,000 a month for this piece of shit falling apart store??

I pay like nothing for rent and if there’s something as small as a light bulb out it gets fixed. Maybe there’s a secret code or handshake I don’t know about and that might actually get something done.

  1. My guess is that since you’re paying with YOUR COMPANY’S money, they could care less what that little manager thinks since YOU’RE not the one signing the checks that pay their rent.

    That’s why when you call the super at home to fix the lightbulb or tighten the screw, he’s there before you hang up.

  2. Well, that is ridiculous that no one seems to care enough to fix your toilet. PLumbing that doesn’t work is a nightmare.