I Got Nothing

Seriously. I got nothing. There’s a million things going on in the world today. War. Political tomfoolery and shenanigans. Bad hair.

Not a one of them interests me in the least. Well, not enough to write about.

I think this is referred to as “outrage fatigue.” There is so much crazy, fucked up shit going on in the world and I feel so entirely powerless to have the slightest effect on it that I’ve just given up.

Instead of being concerned about the nightmare in Iraq or Dafur, I’ll sit around in my underwear surfing for porn or playing Diablo II. I mean, why not? It has about as much a net effect on the quality of the world as me writing a rant-like screed about how people are being oppressed, denied rights, abused, or outright murdered around the world.

What do I care if one of leaders or media figures said some sort of horrible or stupid thing? I’m going to stay home and chuckle about that Miss Teen USA that said that dumb thing. At least I know that that has no consequences beyond a good old fashioned LOL,

Oh yeah. The Red Sox… No, even though they have the best record in baseball, I’m not getting a whole lot of joy out of it this season. It isn’t that I believe they’re going to collapse (I think those days are gone), it’s just that even watching baseball seems way too serious for me. Any sport. I can’t stand watching stories about the crimes and misdemeanors of major sports figures.

I’d rather watch my cats fight, since that lasts all of five seconds and nobody complains about cheating.

Yeah, basically, I got nothing.

  1. It’s been weird, as I also have been groping for things to write about lately. Recently, I’ve been lucky to find something out of nothing, but unless something interesting happens today, tomorrow’s TDE entry will be ”      ” and will most likely be the worst entry ever.

  2. We should have a competition for the worst entry ever.