Thursday was just a normal, average, ordinary day. But it was also my birthday. Not just any birthday; my 21st birthday. Had all the normal amusements: presents, family dinner, birthday wishes, etc. I also needed to get my drivers license renewed because as of 11/30, it was going to expire. But now that the whole experience is over, I’m feeling very old.

My license

No really… Because according to the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles, I’m 2028 years old. I turned 21 on January 01, 0001.

Now before you say “thats not a real date”, I tried telling them that. But apparently to them, its not really a big deal that I’m now the oldest living person in the world. Unfortunately, the license actually does have my REAL date of birth on it.

But even so, I’ve already had one problem with someone not thinking that my license was authentic. So you can bet your butts that tomorrow morning I’m going to be at the DMV and heads will roll until this gets fixed.

But in the meantime – Who wants to be friends with the oldest person in the world?

  1. You know, for 2028, you look pretty good. Do you use a lot of face cream?

  2. don’t worry. you’ll feel old at 22. 23. come 25 you’ll be ready to turn to ash and become one with the earth. trust.

  3. IM 23 AND YOU FEEL OLD? No just kidding. Have you gotten that fixed yet I mean wow, they should free of charge.

  4. LOL
    That’s just so… so… so WHITTERS!