So here it is, the big day. The day that I step out of the shadows of mere comment-dom and claim my place in the spotlight as an official TDE writer. I have tirelessly pondered what topic I should choose as my first, my mind full with dreams of wowing the wonderful and faithful readers of TDE.

Finally it hit me: take an incident from the week and write about it. It’s so original, I know, and I’m sure that the readers are just dying to know what it’s like to be Panda.

The sad thing is that nothing worth writing about came along. Our waterline broke and has yet to fix it properly so that dirt and rocks spew awkwardly along with the water.

I made a pathetic donut run, hurridly scurrying through the rain in WalMart like a crack addict looking for the next fix and emerging victoriously with my spoils from the store, just to race home and blast off into heaven. Glazed yeast donuts with chocolate icing make for a very happy Panda, indeed, but definitely aren’t going to blast me off to stardom.

My journey with TDE will hopefully include many entries much more exciting than this. Maybe somewhere along the way we can locate my brain – it’s been missing for far too long. For now, I’ll just sit back and humbly await messages of undying love and devotion.

Or something.

    Welcome to TDE, or something :)
    Mmmmmmm donuts.

  2. *hauls in a big truck of something*

    Hope this helps!

  3. Panda = LOVE OF MY LIFE! *huggles*

    Wooo… now I’ll have a reason t check this more often. =P

  4. welcome! can’t wait to read more of what you’ve got to say!

  5. YAY You rawk! I like your little welcome to Panda’s head entry thinger. You write cutely :)