Since I will likely be talking strictly politics over the next few months, I’ll take a break for a week. Well, not really. I’ll just relay a personal story that may actually shock some of you and lead you to be confused about my political affiliation. Democrats are typically known, rightfully or not, for their support of wasteful social programs and bigger government.

I believe social programs are good when managed correctly and wisely. I am not for wasteful government spending, and within that opinion comes my distaste for unnecessary bureaucracy. I, a democrat, and annoyed with bureaucracy. That may make me sound conservative, but after my first month officially living in Maryland and dealing with the MVA here, I’ve had enough.

My car, a beautiful desert silver 2002 Acura RSX that I have kept in such good condition that some have questioned whether I purchase baby diapers for it, has been the victim of this wasteful and tedious bureaucracy. So has my checkbook. Coming from Florida, where you don’t need safety inspections and emissions tests, I was immediately irked by the need to go to two separate locations to get these tests completed before I could even go to the MVA to title and register my car. That was only the beginning though.

Fifteen dollars for an emissions test. No big deal, but a waste of two hours sitting in line in my car, wasting gas. Then, $65 for the state safety inspection, which I FAILED. Why did I fail it? Because of my tint. this tint, that was put on my car when it was a day old and had only 35 miles on the odometer, is too dark for the tastes of Maryland troopers. My tint was 20 in the front and 15 in the back, and Maryland requires 35% light penetration (hehe, I said penetration) for all tint. So, $100 later, all of my tint was removed.

I go back to have the safety inspection completed, and then go to the MVA. Forty five dollars for my driver license. Then I go to wait in line to get my car titled and registered. Nope, no can do. Why? Because I don’t have the title (I owe a little bit on the lien still). I have to fax GMAC, have them send the MVA my title, then the MVA sends me a letter in the mail, and THEN I can get my car titled and registered. That’s $23 for the title, $20 to process the lien forms, $100 excise tax, $128 for a tag sticker for 2 years, and then $25 for my spiffy vanity plate.

In total, this process will take me about a month, involves three different locations, tons of mail and paperwork, and $496 out of my pocket. Thank you, Governor Ehrlich. I will not be voting for you in November. In Florida, it would have been a simple $75 per year, with one simple stop to the DMV. And that was for a vanity plate. For most Floridians, its just $22.

There are a lot of reasons I’m glad to be here, but if everything that I have to do here is as troubling and expensive as this, I’ll be a very poor and frustrated Democrat very soon.

  1. Aren’t Democrats supposed to be “very poor” and “frustrated”?

  2. Remind me never to move to Maryland

  3. Crys on September 3, 2006 at 1:14 pm said:

    Remind me never to move to Maryland

    Hey Crys,

    Never move to Maryland.



  4. maryland is more of a toxic dump than New jersey and staten island combined.