AngelaEveryone, meet Angela. At first glance, she seems like your average webmistress, vapid and mediocre at best. However, she is also an expert in hypocrisy and an absolute drama whore.

Anyone who visits her site will notice that there is a “Marriage Tip” right above her blog. Mind you, she’s only been married since August of 2005, but I guess longevity isn’t required for one to be versed on how to make a marriage work. Today’s little gem:

Alright, I can understand wanting to pass on some sage advice especially if you’ve managed to make your marriage last longer than a nanosecond. I thought, hey it’s a little pretentious, but maybe she has something that works. That is, until I saw this:

[click to enlarge]

I’d be pissed too if John used my kitchen towels to clean up dog piss, so I can’t fault her for that. However, I think it’s a little ridiculous to post marriage advice when your manner of conflict resolution consists of “hitting the shit” of someone. If it really seems you might have to break his arm to get him to listen, you have deeper problems than misuse of kitchen towels. Ask Dr. Phil, he’ll back me up on this one. She goes on to say:

Poor Doggy
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They were beating each other up hard enough to scare the dog for two to three hours? I cannot even fathom something like that taking place in a healthy relationship. It concerns me that these people might one day have kids. But what do I know? I don’t have marriage tips on my site, she does, because she is the uber wife. ::snort::

Aside from being blatantly oblivious to her marriage issues, she’s also a class A hypocrite.

Last week there was some drama at a message board when two admins decided to be cocknuts and get themselves banned. It was addressed publicly so that members didn’t have to wonder about what had happened. Angela piped up saying the post was immature and that it should be moved to the locked Staff thread. She then went and PMed another staffer to whine about the post, again siting it as immature.

When she was told to quit complaining, she got angry which eventually lead to ranting and raving about how the members were immature and how she was leaving the board. She did leave, but only until the next post came in and she was back, yelling about how ridiculous we all were. This is my favorite:

[click to enlarge]

I can respect someone wanting to maintain a mature outlook on the internet, that is until I see thinks like her actions over at JORDANSAYSNET/BOARDS, which from what I can gather is a board set entirely to bash this girl Krystal. If that’s her thing, that’s fine, but let’s not lecture about maturity when her posts over there look like this:

[click to enlarge]

[click to enlarge]

[click to enlarge]

and lastly

[click to enlarge]

Not to mention the fact that Angela might not want to be casting judgment on appearances when she herself looks like a cracked out drag queen with bad teeth and 3 breasts.

  1. YOU’RE a real fucking moron if you THINK you can spell. A HIGH SCHOOL diploma doesn’t mean that you know basic English, which is blatently obvious to anyone who’s read what you write here. It’s funny how you laugh at what I post, yet everyone else laughs at what YOU post. Wow, that’s the hilarious part about it. The comment about glasses was a GENERAL comment in your reply to Heather’s comment, that anyone who can’t read your sentences needs glasses. And since you can’t seem to remember even what you say, let alone what others say, here’s your own sentence: “Well if my sentences are hard to read maybe you should get glasses.” Do you understand yourself? I highly doubt it, but nice try anyway. Like I said, don’t re-nig on what you say.

    No, ditz, it’s not between Krystle and Angela. But since you haven’t read anything that’s been said here, you shouldn’t even be commenting. It is in FACT peoples’ business what is said on a PUBLIC board, and if Angela doesn’t like it thrown in her face, then why does she do it/say it to other people? It’s not Angela’s life when she goes around harassing other people and their lives, she steals personal photos of other people and posts them all over the internet(without permission no less,) threatens to have peoples’ boards hacked, etc. She was posting her opinion about Krystle on Jordan’s MB. Jordan’s MB is not Angela’s site. Get your facts straight before you ATTEMPT to discredit people.

    “No I didn’t lose my mind but why do you get so peeved off when I make a little mistake in my wording?” – That’s called deflection. And you most certainly do get angry and make MANY mistakes in your grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc., and then you try to bypass it claiming that you “know basic English.” Again, you DON’T.

    “One error, or even two would be okay, but you need a decoder ring to read your comments.” – LOL, that was great. LMAO!

    No, you see I’M a bitch. But I’m just a regular, mean bitch. I’d sure rather be considered a mean bitch, than a stupid bitch like you Cassandra.
    “ROTFLMAO. I love this it’s so funny, but I’m getting bored, so I’m out. LOL.” – It would be nice if you actually kept your word. There seems to be an echo going on here, because we have to keep repeating ourselves for it to sink in for this numnuts.

  2. ranee on December 28, 2005 at 12:43 pm said:

    why is my comment all funky looking?

    Samantha had an open tag or something… I f1x0r3d it!

    Opsie! Sorry, I didn’t realise that I had an open tag. My bad.

  3. so is cassandra actually angela? did we compare ips?

  4. ranee on December 31, 2005 at 3:46 pm said:

    so is cassandra actually angela? did we compare ips?

    That’s what I’ve been wondering.

  5. It’s her or someone she’s put up to it. She likes attention, and this gives it to her – she fully expected a whole lot of sympathy from ML *rolls eyes* Especially when she said she was having nightmares because of it.
    So it started dying down a bit and she posts in my abandoned LJ. Patheticness that deep is to be pitied.

  6. Just for (my) amusement, plus there’s just no better way to spend New Year’s Day:

    Cassandra on December 30, 2005 at 4:27 pm said:

    Thanks for the dictionary Heather, even though I can spell. Your [you’re] a real piece of work. LOL.

    Laura: Where do I start? Hmmmm. I think I know basic English sweetie, I have a highschool [It’s high school. Two seperate words, hun] diploma and English was my best subject. Wow [insert comma here] thats [that’s. Your English might be “good” but your punctuation? Leaves a little to be desired] really hilarious. I laugh at you for posting a big [comma goes here] long reply about this and that, going on about how gullible I am, hypocrisy and everything else you said in your reply [run along sentence! Bad! Bad! ]. And that comment about the glasses was for HEATHER. NOT FOR YOU. Do you understand now? Probably not, but ok.

    If you had read one of my above posts earlier, I said I should have chosen my words more carefully about how I meant to say I KNOW Heather didn’t make that post about Angela up. I said Angela seemed like a nice person cause [It’s because. Or ’cause.] I seen her posting at the ML, I didn’t have any problems with her and didn’t know about this whole Krystal fiasco until yesterday. This chaos is between Krystal & Angela and THEY should be discussing it and working it out. It’s really nobody else’s business what Angela says or does about someone she doesn’t like, it’s her life and she was posting her own personal opinion about it on her own personal website. [I agree with you there. Angela was posting her own personal opinion about it on her own personal website. It’s a bit like what Heather is doing, but I guess you didn’t make that connection. ]

    LOL. Angry? Over what you people think? Like I said this is all shits and giggles watching you post about the latest thing people are doing. No [another comma here] I didn’t lose my mind but why do you get so peeved off when I make a little mistake in my wording? Everybody makes mistakes, even me.

    I had to do it. Don’t even get me started on the grammar issues here but going through them would have taken all year.

    Ditto Laura’s post, above.

  7. Gah, half my bolding didn’t come out! Ah well.

  8. Lol You rock!