sanjaya Remember him?

Yeah, I wish I didn’t remember him either.

Sanjaya still thinks he has a future in showbiz as a model, actor, and singer. If only he can downplay his “hot sister” Shyamali. The “never flaunt it” sister is thinking of marketing her assets in a nude magazine. How inconsiderate of her to upstage his 15 minutes of fame!

  1. Is someone giving him bunny ears?

  2. [quote post=”1184″]Is someone giving him bunny ears?[/quote]


  3. That guy really pissed me off on American Idol. I don’t understand how someone that wasn’t even famous was just showing up on everything! Every T.V. news program, every magazine cover…it was sickening. And he thought his hair-dos were so cool…they were anything but.

  4. How wrong!!

  5. gross, people will do anything for fame. just think snajaya was begining to fade out of our lives.

  6. [quote post=”1184″]How wrong!![/quote]
    Could you be a little less specific?