When I was eight years old I had a toy cat that was remote controllable. Now when I say remote controllable, I don’t mean I held a box with a long antenna and a few little buttons on it, I mean it had a wire that went through a leash with a forwards and backwards button that made the cat crawl.

I loved this kitty up to the day it began moving by itself in the middle of the night. I would play with it all day long. When bedtime rolled around I would tuck it into its bed that I had made for it on one side of my dresser.

When I woke up it was on the floor by the bedroom door.

The first time this happened I thought to myself, “Oh, I just forgot to put her to bed.” The second time it happened I began to get scared.

I recall one night that I stayed up to watch it. Of course my room was pitch black, so I couldn’t see anything. But I heard it. That’s all that mattered. I heard the little motor running inside it. I heard my favorite kitty moving.

Too frightened to get out of bed, I pulled the covers over my head and closed my eyes tightly. Only until the moving subsided I was able to sleep. Morning rolled around, and once again my kitty was by the door.

It was then that I decided I would no longer put the kitty to bed, and I would leave her out like I did with all my other toys. However, I would still wake to her being in a different spot than where I left her. I began to be afraid of it.

A week or so down the road I was in my sister’s room playing Barbies with her. It was all fun and games until I hear coming from the other room, “Crys, look out! There’s a bat!”

I came running out of that bedroom faster than you could ever imagine an eight year old could run. I was screaming my head off and I jumped over the couch and into my mother’s arms. Mind you, I’m barely three feet tall at the time, so that was quite a jump for me.

I was shaking so hard. “Crys, calm down. It was only a joke. Your brother brought your kitty out here to make you think it moved by itself. That’s why I said ‘come look at your cat’.”

I just stared at her. “You mean there is no bat?”

I never feared my kitty again.

  1. That’s absolutely adorable!

  2. Thanks for renting my blog! That’s such a cute story. I’ve immortalized it with a holiday at my blog at http://blogcharm.com/happyblog !


  3. Interesting story (: Fact or fiction?

  4. Fact- My brother was always messing with me like that.

  5. Sometimes, my cats do that, but they are alive.

    Which is even more scary.

  6. the kitty sounds cute

  7. Ah kitties… gotta love them, toys or not!

  8. Aww that’s typical of a brother. Grrr. Atleast you didn’t fear the kitty anymore.