Rick had stood stiffly, looking deep into the cool blue eyes that stared unblinkingly at him from the mirror. He breathed deeply, barely noticing as beads of sweat crawled slowly down his face as he leaned closer, his lips pressing into a thin line as he searched almost desperately for some sign of something.

What he was looking for was as much a mystery to him as to his cat, staring lazily at him from his resting place on the window sill as the unforgiving heat forced its way through the open window into the small, dark bedroom. You didn’t have to be sure of what you were looking for to be able to find it, sort of like finding your soul mate when you were perfectly happy being single and suddenly finding your world turned upside-down because you can’t breathe without the other person, let alone live.

This thought made him laugh bitterly. The sudden sound startled the cat, which jumped out the window and bounded across the yard and around the corner out of sight as a breeze barely strong enough to ruffle the curtains wafted across the room.

Soul mates, together forever. He broke eye contact with himself to look at the lone picture in the sparsely furnished room, not registering that his reflected self didn’t mimic his every move. His concentration had become focused on the warm green eyes and bright smile staring lifelessly into oblivion.

He preferred to think of it this way because it was too painful to remember it in any other fashion. It was far too painful to remember how she had felt in his arms as they beamed at the camera, secure in their love of each other and their bright future together. The laugh turned to a sob.

The day had been warm but not unbearably hot like at present. They had spent the day at the park by the pond, having a picnic, watching nature and people. It was so simple yet so perfect, the last of their simple and perfect days. The next day came her first fainting spell, and by the time her disease was diagnosed it had ravaged her body beyond repair then she was gone. With not even a full year of marriage their forever hadn’t lasted nearly long enough.

Rick threw his head back and started yelling. The end was welcome when the smooth blade finally found his neck, slicing through and across, silencing him forever and bathing the room in crimson.

  1. Forgive me for this, but I haven’t exactly read enough of your blogs to know if this is part of an ongoing thing or a random write that you have done..? Either way, it’s excellent. Like at first.. it seems like he’s angry and heartbroken because his girlfriend or wife left him, but then when I read that she died. It’s sad to feel like the only way to ease your pain is by ending your life. Most of us have probably felt that way at one time or another. Anyways, excellent store. I’d buy the book.

    In response to your previous post.. about milkshakes. I am the exact same way. I also will NEVER get a milkshake from Mcdonald’s. They all are like that apparently. My vanilla shake tasted so weird, with a hint of strawberry.. and my son’s chocolate shake tasted exactly like mine. I hate strawberry flavoring. Not allergic, just hate it. It’s disgusting.

    As for your child’s behavior… You know what, you should be proud because alot of kid’s haven’t been properly taught that it’s not appropriate to act like a whiny little ape in the presence of others. It’s one thing to be a whiny brat in the privacy of your own home when no one else is watching except your parents, but my child knows better than to act like that in public. So good job on that.

  2. Ok, wait.. I just realized that there are several different “authors” at this website.. so I am completely thrown. The comment about the story goes to Miranda. (sorry about that). The comment about the milkshake is for Chenoa, and the child thing is for John. Sheesh!

  3. thanks for visiting my site. although you misunderstood my post… hehe, it’s not MY story. i just got it from a chain email and i liked it that’s why i posted it on my blog. hehe, have a great day! and oh,happy halloween.

  4. I remember you showed me this and I am still awed at your writing style. The imagery is great and I really like your work. Keep writing my panda love.