So I feel bad for NBC because they are in 4th place behind (of all networks) FOX – but every time they put a good show that I might intentionally watch they cancel it.

Does anyone remember The Black Donnellys? It was toe-tinglingly amazing… but they cancelled it after six episodes. I LOVED that show. It was by the writers and something else from Crash. Amazing. Like the Irish version on Sopranos….

And now Kings, which besides its cheesy moments is an awesome show. I was captivated for at least three hours last night watching it on Hulu…. It’s complicated and hard to catch on to, but it’s really good. And So I Google its ratings and it came in 4th behind the Simpsons, everyone thinks it will be cancelled.

Both programs had critics making dry sex to their Mac Books, but I feel that like Black Donnellys, Kings will be gone in 6 episodes only to have more of Celebrity Apprentice.

At this point the only thing keeping NBC alive is Law and Order and…..Heroes? Does anyone watch that anymore? The Office (which gets on my nerves)?

They put their best shows on in impossible time slots- like Friday Night Lights? Friday at ??? And Chuck – Monday at 8? Seriously, 8?

NBC take notes from ABC: Grey’s Anatomy (which sucks now) and Desperate Housewives were on for at least 2 seasons before they blew up.

Give your shows half a chance.

  1. I enjoyed Bionic Woman when it came out last year… shame NBC had to cancel it, I watched that and Life every monday… now it is gone and all I have left is Chuck, Life and Law & Order (so glad they are showing CI on NBC this year). But you are right, NBC doesn’t know a good show if it were to bite them on the ass and say MONEY MONEY MONEY! LOL

  2. As I’m from the other side of the pond, what networks show which shows doesn’t really affect me. And I watch them online anyway.

    When I lived on the correct side of the pond seven years ago I only ever watched the WB and Fox for TV shows.

    It does seem however that shows are getting canceled left right and center!

  3. I’m finally happy with the networks here in The Netherlands. We have some decent channels and some extra channels too. But to be honest I don’t watch TV that much. I do hate it when networks cancel shows that I’m watching :(